Brianna Gets Villan-itis Part 1 is Part 1 of a Girls Go! Half hour special that aired on July 7, 2017. It is the 3rd half hour special of the series. See part 2.

Summary Edit

When Brianna eats a cursed pizza, it turns her into a creepy monster! It's up to the 4 girls to stop her from destroying the town and get her back to normal.

Plot Edit

Part 1 begins with Amanda looking through her filing cabinet. She finds an interesting piece of paper of a robot dinosaur coming to city. Amanda is surprised by this, and calls the other girls for a little meeting. Emma had gotten out of a shower and is wearing a bathrobe. Amanda reads the newspaper to the girls.

"Dear, fans,

Come bring old things to donate at our museum and win free pizza!

I hope you can attend!"

The girls are excited by this, especially Brianna. So the girls go find things that they don't use anymore. Laura finds an old tennis racket, Emma finds an old teddy bear, Emily finds an old book, Brianna finds an old pickle jar, (much to the girls disgust) and Amanda finds an old key chain. Amanda calls out her catchphrase, and the girls head to the museum.

At the museum, the girls drop of their things, and they take their seats. However, Brianna shouts, "I'M SO EXCITED!!!" So loud, It causes the other 4 girls, and everyone around her, to shush her. Then the presentation starts. It shows a robot dinosaur trying to destroy some 2 people nearby. Brianna is shocked by this, and pulls out her nunchucks. She then dashes to the screen trying to hit the robot dinosaur. She's shock that it isn't taking any damage. Amanda tells Brianna to come back to her seat, but Brianna denies, and says she's trying to save those 2 people. Laura tells her that it's just a show, but Brianna still denies.